CentraCom is giving away six scholarships with a value of up to $2,000. The scholarship may be used for any college expense, such as tuition, books, housing, etc.

It’s the time of year when high school seniors are thinking about the next great step in their lives—college. They are thinking about where to go, where to live, and what classes to take. College is a wonderful experience but it can get expensive in a hurry. Application fees, tuition, student fees, housing, books… the list goes on and on.

We are committed to helping the students in our service areas achieve their goal of a college education. For the past 21 years, CentraCom has offered scholarships to eligible high school seniors planning to attend college. This has been a great opportunity not only to serve our community, but to get to know future leaders of America.

We are pleased to announce that we have again partnered with Snow College to bring even larger scholarship value. We will be giving away six scholarships with an initial value of $750. If the recipient chooses to attend Snow College, the scholarship from CentraCom will be $1500 and Snow College will match $500 raising the value to $2000 (scholarship deferrals for service opportunities will be managed by Snow College). The scholarship may be used for any college expense, such as tuition, books, housing, etc.

If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact Erin Williams at (435) 427-0688 or (800) 427-8449 to obtain an application. You may also e-mail Erin. Additionally, click here to download the application.

The requirements are:

  • → Must be a high school senior planning or accepted to attend college in the fall of 2024 (scholarship deferrals for service opportunities will be managed by Snow College where applicable), and also a legal dependent of a CentraCom customer.*
  • → Must fully complete and sign the 2024 scholarship application form and include a photograph. Handwritten application forms will not be accepted. Please place application materials in a single envelope. Do not staple. Please use a folder or binder for application materials.
  • → Submit a typed double-spaced 500-word original essay about current global event with a human interest topic.
  • → Provide a current copy of your high school transcript, stating cumulative grade point average.
  • → Provide a copy of your ACT results (if taken).
  • → Provide a personal evaluation/recommendation from the principal or teacher of the student’s high school listing aptitudes, attitudes, leadership, character, etc.
  • → Provide at least one letter of recommendation from an employer, civic or religious leader from the community where applicant resides.

Completed applications must be postmarked no later than April 12, 2024 and mailed to CentraCom, PO Box 7, Fairview, UT 84629, or delivered to our office at 35 South State, Fairview, UT 84629.

A committee will evaluate all of the applications submitted. The selection of the successful candidates will be based on the following criteria:

  1. originality and creativity in presenting the essay,
  2. noteworthy involvement in community service and school activities, and
  3. future goals demonstrating a genuine interest in continuing education.
The chosen candidates will be notified by telephone and by mail. The winners will also be featured in our web site.

* Legal dependents of CentraCom employees & contractors are not eligible