Digital TV Conversion

We have upgraded to digital Cable TV quality

CentraCom has converted to a higher quality, digital only experience to provide better picture and sound, more HD channels, and more robust Internet speeds. Delivering channels in digital format is one way to continue to improve the quality of our service.

As part of the digital conversion process, the channels 14 through 100 will only be viewable with a digital set-top box. This will not affect any TVs you currently have connected to a digital set-top box (including CentraCom DVRs). We will be changing the channel numbers for the Expanded Basic channels. Each channel will require entering a 1 before the current number. For example, 02 will become 102; 15 to 115; 60 to 160, etc.

Please note, that customers who are subscribed to Broadcast Basic package will not experience any change in channel numbers. The Broadcast Basic channel will remain as analog channels and require no change to your TV. Good news: with this change, you will no longer be required to subscribe to Basic Expanded package for the corresponding broadcast HD channels. But you will need a TV with a digital tuner built-in (usually indicated by DTV) and tuning to the channel listed as XX-X (example: 77-1) in the channel guide.

Please call 1-800-427-8449 for help in getting a digital set top box.

How to connect the CentraCom set-top box to your TV.

How to program the CentraCom set-top box remote to control your TV.

What is a Digital Set Top Box?

A Digital Adapter is a converter that allows viewing of digital TV services on your television. An adapter ranges in size. We offer two types:
A) High Definition (included for up to 3 TVs per account),
B) DVR (to pause, rewind, record live TV in HD). If you connect your TV set directly from the wall with a cable wire, you will need equipment, such as a Digital Adapter, for every TV in your home.

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$3.00/month after 4th box


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